California Extreme 2014 – Quick Post

Everyone in our crew made it home safely! I can’t believe how many awesome people we got to meet and hang out with! Friday was supposed to be just setup, but our booth was packed almost all day!

We are all catching our breath and digesting the weekend. We will post a proper update very soon!

FAST Pinball

Planetary Pinball & FAST Pinball Announce “WPC 2.0”

As many of you have already read, Rick Bartlett from Planetary Pinball announced during his talk at the 2014 Texas Pinball Festival that FAST Pinball and our new FAST WPC Controller will be used to deliver “remakes” or “enhanced” versions of great WPC games. We are so stoked! The major breakthrough here is that the DRM layer we provide as an optional resource to game developers in our hardware met the requirements defined by WMS which had kept projects like “WPC 2.0” games from ever happening. Lots of work to do ensure that the “WPC 2.0” games are truly an enhancement. Keep an eye on our site for updates. Quoted below is Rick’s initial post on

fyi … wanted to post and so that we don’t get this merging into the MMR threads, but we are working on a number of things around a WPC 2.0 platform – extending code and playfield extensions for WPC/WPC95 games.

Attached in the next post are the three slides that I did at the TPF PPS seminar over the weekend, and notably that we are setting up a working relationship with John Popadiuk on doing a 2.0 version of either TOTAN or CV in addition to FH with another party.

We have now the formal framework (as used with the Dutch Pinball for BOP 2.0) for creating variations of games, so now we can move forward with our idea of collaborating with hardware, software, and game designers to get some enhanced games out in the market.

New hardware WPC controller has been announced from FAST Pinball as well as MMR controller which will run various software stacks of the WPC 2.0 games – which can be either emulated 6809 code or run on newer platforms such as Python, etc.

There is a ‘remake’ track as well as a WPC 2.0 track … and we are looking as well as a next stage of ‘remake WPC 2.0’ as well …

Check out the entire thread on It goes on and off topic, but its a fun read. 🙂

FAST Pinball Logo Animation

Our good friend Mike Lorraine create this slick animation based on our logo designed by Brendan Bailey. Thanks guys for making us look good!

FAST Pinball Logo Animation on YouTube